Practicing Significance

Glorifying God by fulfilling your own unique purposes through the never-ending

action of acquiring, using, and sharing diverse resources.







The Purpose Driven Life Ė Outline



I.  It All Revolves Around God

          A.  It is not about me

          B.  I was born by Godís purpose and for his purpose

                   1.  Without this thought, I cannot understand my purposes in life

                   2.  Without this thought, life will not make sense

          C.  God reveals his purposes to me so I do not have to speculate

                   1.  Revealed through my identity with Jesus

                   2.  God chose my purposes before I was born

                             a.   God scheduled my life before my birth

                             b.   God made me so he could love me

                             c.   Nothing in my life is accidental, it is all for a purpose

                    3.  My purposes fit into Godís cosmic design for eternity


II.   Negative Drivers in Life

          A.  Guilt

                   1.  Driven by memories

                   2.  I am a product of my past, but I donít have to be a prisoner to it

          B.  Resentment, anger

                   1.  Causes me to live in the past while others move on

                   2.  The past cannot hurt me unless I hold onto it

          C.  Fear

                   1.  Fear has many causes

                   2.  If I live in fear, I will miss many opportunities

          D.  Materialism

                   1.  I am mistaken more things can make me more important, happy, secure

                   2.  Net worth and self-worth are not the same

          E.  Need for approval

                   1.  I allow othersí expectations to control my life


III.   Purpose Driven Living

          A.  Benefits of knowing my purposes

                   1.  Gives meaning to my life

                   2.  Simplifies my life by allowing evaluation of which actions are essential

                             a.   Allows me to have a basis for decisions

                             b.   Allows me to have a way to allocate my time and resources

                   3.  Causes my to focus my efforts on what is important to me

                   4.  Motivates me

                   5.  Prepares me for eternity with God

                             a.   My life is just preparing me for eternity

                                      1.  Should change my values

                                                a.   High value:  relationships, character

                                                b.   Low value:  fame, wealth, achievement, fun

                             b.   My relationship to God on earth determines it for eternity

                   6.  Causes me to see my life from Godís viewpoint

                             a.   Life is tests which reveals my heart, faith, hope, and love

                                      1.  God wants me to pass my tests

                                      2.  God shows me how to pass my tests

                             b.   Life is a trust.  I am a steward of time, money, other resources

                             c.   Life is brief, and earth is a temporary home

                                      1.  Iím not completely happy because created for elsewhere

                                      2.  Why do I so value temporary things?

          B.  The reason everything in the universe exists is to bring glory to God

                   1.  The glory of God means who God is. (note: one name for God is I AM)

                   2.  I cannot add to Godís glory since it is his inherent nature

                   3.  Therefore, my reason to exist is to bring glory to God

                             a.   Requires me not to be self-centered


IV.   Five Aspects of Bringing Glory to God (My Five Purposes)

          A.  I bring glory to God by worshiping him (bringing enjoyment to him)

                   1.  He chose to create me for his enjoyment

                             a.   Anything I do that pleases God is an act of worship

                             b.   Worship is a lifestyle

                             c.   Worship is primarily for Godís pleasure, not mine

                             d.   Aspects of worship include:

                                      1.  Loving God supremely

                                      2.  Trusting God completely

                                      3.  Obeying God completely, exactly, immediately

                                      4.  Thanking God continually

                                      5.  Delighting in daily living

                                      6.  Completely surrendering my life and relying on God

                                      7.  Desiring to be and being a friend of God Ė knowing him

                                                a.   Constant conversation (prayer) with him

                                                b.   Spending time with him

                                                c.   Attitude that all I do is for Godís glory

                                                d.   Thinking about him (meditation)

                                                e.   Being honest with him

                                                f.   Valuing what God values

                                                g.   Telling him how I feel

                                      8.  Knowing him as he reveals himself in scripture

                                      9.  Being genuine, sincere, and thoughtful

                                      10.  Sacrifice

                                      11.  Remembering what he has already done for me

          B.  I bring glory to God by loving other Christians in our family

                   1.  There are many privileges of being part of a family

                             a.   Family name

                                       1.  Baptism identifies me as a family member

                             b.   Family privileges

                             c.   Access to family members including God and Jesus

                             d.   Family inheritance

                   2.   We learn to love others through loving family members

                             a.   Loving others is a top priority

                             b.   Love is eternal

                             c.   We will be evaluated on our love

                                      1.   Spending time

                                      2.   Giving our attention

                                      3.   People are more important than projects

                                      4.   Loving others as we love ourselves

                   3.   Being a vital body part of a local church body

                             a.   Consistent attendance

                             b.   Fulfilling the purpose of our body part

                             c.   Being an example and learning from othersí examples

                             d.   Developing maturity by loving those that are unlovely

                             e.   Sharing in the mission of evangelism

                             f.   Enjoying fellowship

                                      1.   Being part of a small group

                                      2.   Authenticity, giving, receiving, sympathy, mercy

                             g.   Cultivating community has many aspects

                                      1.   Honesty

                                      2.   Humility

                                      3.   Courtesy

                                      4.   Confidentiality

                                      5.   Frequency

                             h.   Giving up independence for interdependence

                             i.   Occasionally will have to restore broken fellowship

                             j.   Strive for unity, not conformity        

          C.  I bring glory to God by continually striving to be like Jesus

                   1.   A work of the Holy Spirit is to help produce our Christlike character

                             a.   I cooperate through obedience, truth, thinking, and actions

                             b.   Steps include wanting it, making efforts, and persisting

                             c.   Requires dependence on God

                                      1.  One purpose of circumstances, troubles and suffering

                                      2.   Trusting in his plans

                                      3.   Giving thanks in all things

                   2.   Abide in the authority and truth of Scripture

                             a.   Put the principles of Scripture into practice

                   3.   Overcome temptation by being prepared and depending on God

                             a.   God always provides a way out

                             b.   Refocus my attention, ask for help from Godly people

                   4.   It is a continual, slow, long process

                             a.   I have a lot to learn, a lot to unlearn, and itís a hard process

                             b.   Be patient and work on Godís timetable, rejoice about victories

                             c.   Donít be discouraged

          D.  I bring glory to God by serving

                   1.   I have been created, saved, called, and commanded to serve God

                             a.   I will be called to account for how well I served him

                   2.   Learn how and enjoy have Iíve been uniquely SHAPEíd to serve God

                             a.   Spiritual gifts have been given to me for benefit of others

                             b.   Heart Ė mine determines my words, actions, and passion

                             c.   Abilities Ė mine allow me to make a unique contribution

                             d.   Personality Ė mine allows me to have unique interactions

                             e.   Experiences Ė mine have molded, taught, and positioned me

                   3.   I serve God by serving others

                             a.   I need to be available

                             b.   I need to be attentive and recognize needs of others

                             c.   Do the best with what I have, not worry about my deficiencies

                             d.   I need to be dedicated and fulfill my responsibilities

                             e.   I need to seek Godís approval, not the praise of men

                             f.   I need to think of service as an opportunity, not an obligation

                   4.   I serve God by letting my weaknesses be used for his glory

                             a.   My weaknesses are limitations that I inherited or cannot change

                             b.   I need to admit, be content, and humbly share my weaknesses

          E.  I bring glory to God by telling others about him

                   1.   Being a Christian includes being sent as a representative of Jesus

                             a.   Jesusí mission, as is mine, is to introduce people to God

                                      1.   This mission is my privilege

                                      2.   This mission is the greatest thing I can do for others

                                                a.   This causes my mission to be urgent

                                                b.   I must do my mission wherever I am

                                                c.   There are some people only I can reach

                                      3.   The mission requires I abandon my agenda for Godís

                                      4.   What am I willing to do so others can go to Heaven?

                                      5.   Saving one soul is more important than anything else

                             b.   The message for my mission is my Life Message

                                      1.   My testimony: how I began a relationship with Jesus

                                                a.   What I was like before I met Jesus

                                                b.   How I realized I needed Jesus

                                                c.   How I committed my life to Jesus

                                                d.   The difference Jesus has made in my life

                                      2.   My life lessons: important lessons God has taught me

                                      3.   My godly passions:  issues I care about most

                                      4.   The Good News:  the message of salvation

                                                a.   I trust Godís grace to save me through Jesus

                                                b.   My sins are forgiven

                                                c.   I have a purpose for living

                                                d.   I have an eternal home in Heaven

                   2.   My mission is worldwide.  I am limited only by excuses

                             a.   Shift from local thinking to global thinking

                                      1.   Prayer has no geographic boundaries

                                      2.   Internet and other communication devices are limitless

                             b.   Think of limitations as opportunities


V.   Balancing my life

          A.   I must balance the above five purposes. 

                   1.   Modeled in the Greatest Commandment

                   2.   Modeled in the Great Commission

          B.   Aids to help me

                   1.   Be part of a small group or at least have a spiritual partner

                   2.   Give myself a regular spiritual check-up

                   3.   Keep a journal

                   4.   Share my journey and knowledge with others

                   5.   Have a Live Purpose Statement

                             a.   Points the direction of my life

                             b.   Defines ďsuccessĒ for me

                             c.   Clarifies my roles

                             d.   Expresses my SHAPE

                             e.   Addresses five great questions of life

                                      1.   What is the center of my life?

                                      2.   What is the character of my life?

                                      3.   What is the contribution of my life?

                                      4.   What is the communication of my life?

                                      5.   What is the community of my life?

          C.   God wants to use me

          D.   God wants me to succeed in fulfilling my purposes



The Greatest Commandment (Mat. 22:37-40):  Jesus replied: ď ĎLove the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.í  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ĎLove your neighbor as yourself.í  All the Law and Prophets hang on these two commandments.Ē


The Great Commission (Mat. 28:18-20): Then Jesus came to them and said, ďAll authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.Ē